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Diamonds are priceless simply by what they are and what they represent and we too offer not only regular supercars but also tailor-made unique works of art. We specialise in Automotive Investment Portfolios, building Signature One of One cars.

These are not just cars to us – They are Art, bespoke pieces of fine jewellery. As a fine winemaker would source the world’s finest grapes, we source the world’s finest cars and builders. Become a part of this creative process, as you design and build your own exotic super or classic car.

Jason Schwegmann

Chief Executive Officer

My whole life I have been involved in Custom and or Performance cars. My career started in 1990, when I was 13 years old. In 1992, I bought my first American Muscle car and began to restore it. This highlighted the intensity of my desired career path. Many technical aspects were needed to complete the project, and so my career began.

Over the years, I worked with the best in the industry and learned and developed the skills required to build and restore a muscle car. The purpose of my ongoing pursuit for knowledge and skills led to a network fibre being created which, enabled me to be apart of the biggest Executive Restoration Workshop in the southern hemisphere.

I continued my work on bespoke Signature Series cars accumulating multiple award winning cars. Many of my clients built cars as an investment opportunity. I was focusing on pushing the limits of my creative knowledge. I was building “World Firsts”

I have managed to accumulate over 20 years of hands-on working knowledge of the Performance Custom Car markets, in multiple trades. I was born to do this and doing anything other than performance cars just feels like starvation.

Clinton Schwegmann

Chief Operations Officer

From picking up my first “Truckin'” magazine as a kid, with airbrushed transit vans featured,I was hooked. I started by custom painting and airbrushing friends’ cars and motorcycles and this led to the start of a very successful motorcycle and automotive custom painting business culminating in over thirty years of experience.

Many of my custom painted motorcycles and cars have been featured in magazines and have won top awards in their categories. Customising is a passion that runs thick through my veins.

After a long career in the industry,it was a natural transition to join Signature Series and apply my wealth of knowledge and experience to benefit new artists and artisans in the field; and with a company that shares my drive and passion for high end personalised vehicles.

Santiago Valda

Brand Ambassador - USA

My passion for cars was sparked by helping my grandfather work on his beloved 1972 VW pick up truck at the age of 10. It continued on with getting my first car, a Nissan Altima, 2 weeks before receiving my drivers license. Since then i knew I couldn’t have a stock car and began modifying it and to this day its still a work in progress along with the other 2 cars I have acquired over the years, a 1983 Datsun 280zx and a 1986 Nissan Skyline.

My first job was at a classic car restoration shop as a helper, and I quickly learned new skills and techniques on a daily basis. After a couple years of doing mechanical and electrical work, in my desire to become a custom car builder, I decided to move on and start working at another restoration shop but this time in the body and paint department. Went on from learning the basics of body work to doing an overall paint job. And that brought me a step closer to achieving the goal of becoming a custom car builder.

Along the way, i was lucky enough to have met Jason and have worked by his side. Building cars with him is been an experience like no other and greatly helped improve my skills further.

Jason Schwegmann

Chief Executive Officer

Santiago Valda

Brand Ambassador - USA

Nigel Moss

International Broker - Europe